Mavericks' R/C Flying Club New Market, MD
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History of Mavericks RC Flying Club

On Dec 13, 2006 Mavericks RC Flying Club was founded near New Market Maryland by a group of enthusiastic pilots that wanted to have a club that focused on fun, flying, and fellowship. Rich Cramer found a suitable location and with the help of Dave Hostetter, Bill Autry, and Kevin Delmolino, Mavericks RC Flying Club was established.

With less than 20 members initially, it was a challenge to accomplish everything the club needed to do, but because our members are so generous and wanted the club to succeed, we all contributed to make the club work.

At Mavericks we only have one meeting a year so that we can get club business accomplished but we really like to focus on fun. In fact our club motto is "Focus on the Fun." Our rules and regulations at Mavericks are designed to be minimally restrictive while still maintaining safety and AMA/FAA regulation compliance.

Our current club membership has grown to about 30 members and we have folks that are interested in a wide variety of flying activities from beginner level RC nitro pilots, sport flyers, 3D pilots, helicopter pilots, and soaring pilots. At Mavericks we love to share, instruct, and swap stories. Mavericks RC Flying Club is an enjoyable club to be a part of because all the members are truly having a blast, which is the whole point. Come fly with us at Mavericks and you will see what we are talking about.